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New Years Day, afternoon

I have arrived in this fair city to forget my past... to remember no more the cold, sweaty hands of a husband I never loved; to let the dark clouds of memory float away and leave the clear horizon of the future shining before me. I am young, still... and though I have no illusions that I will ever find the romance of storybooks, I know that I can make a good life here on what is left of my husband's fortune.

I shall not go back to the house of my father, will not make myself wear widow’s reeds for a man I do not mourn. Instead, I set up my new shop, arranging carefully the fine crafted items of gold and tin that were my husband's trade. As an afterthought, I slip in to the display some of the dresses that I have crafted. My seams are tight and careful, and my designs have always been praised by other ladies... so why not? When the trade goods are gone, I will need something else to sell-- my departed husband's contacts will doubtlessly not trade with a 'mere woman'.

With a certain sense of pride I hang the banner that I have crafted. "Faustina's Finery", it proclaims. Now... if only I can attract some customers, all will be well.
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