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New Years, Evening

A good day's sales, all in all... much of Ilium's fine citizenry were out and about today, shopping after a rousing hunt. I heard snippets of conversations about what occurred there... some foul deed, perhaps, or some intrigue or indiscression. I paid no more than cursory attention to all that- no longer my concern, any of this... I am concentrated on finance, and finance alone.

Well.. perhaps not solely finance. I did notice a handsome young man or two amongst the crowds, and I could have sworn one of them was giving me the eye. Perhaps I am not as entirely disinclined to make new friends in my new life as I might have first thought. I will leave the possibility open, surely...

As I was packing up my wares for the evening to put them all away, I noticed a young lady who had been selling quilts doing the same. As I was quite in need of a new bedspread, particularly with the chill air in these parts- I decided to stop in to purchase one on my way home. I hastily closed for the evening, and made my way towards her...
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