Thomas (shepline) wrote in ilium_city,

New Year's Day, after the hunt

I arrive back from the hunt shortly before seven, and waste little time in going to my rooms and shedding my fine dress coats and britches. Once more in casual robes, and with still an hour before supper I make my way quickly along the corridors of my father's palace to Helene's rooms. Lit by candle and lamp light I can hear servants scurry around the floors beneath. Occasionally a long shadow will pass the stairwell, but none come to this floor.

As I approach Helene's door, I draw back. The man Aeneas is leaving her door, and now walking towards me. I continue on, cautious. As we near, he doffs his head towards me, as he should. And we all but pass.

"Aeneas." I want to spit his name. He stops, and turns to face me. What is his game I wonder, and why is he leaving my sister's rooms at this hour?

"How is Helene?"
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