Kendrick Curtis (lieutenanth) wrote in ilium_city,
Kendrick Curtis


New Years' Day

I deal in that which is not dealt, the underworld, illegal, the dead and the dying, limbs and tongues, spells and potions. I am the Privateer. If you need something in Ilium, I am the one who can get you it.

I hope to continue to play the Hectors and Achilles off against one another to keep myself in business. Arms dealers only make money during wars, naturally. Cold wars tend to be my speciality. That Hector boy already owes me plenty of money, so he is at my beck and call should I wish. I've seen the Achilles brat sniffing around my turf recently too, I shall have to find what's going on there.

Meanwhile, I've drugged one of the weakling councilmen to cause an escalation at today's hunt. It could be messy, we shall see...
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